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We are right on the heels of Thanksgiving, my absolute 100% hands down favorite holiday of the year. This will be our 3rd year hosting in our teensy weensy cozy house – something I really love doing. Sure, I would like to have a Downton Abbey-sized castle with rooms we can ‘move through’ and fireplaces we can plot marriages by.

Instead we all squeeze around our IKEA-via-Craigslist table and I pull out all of our beautiful wedding china and the fancy tabletop items I’ve collected and inherited over the years. We reach and laugh and pass plates and pig out instead. It’s way more fun.

Leading up to the day, the planning and prepping is one of my favorite parts. Each year I try to make things easier and more streamlined without compromising deliciousness.

Last year we switched to a Potluck Thanksgiving which worked really well since our relatives are all avid cooks. James and I make the turkey, mashed potatoes and a few apps, and everyone else brings one side dish (or beer). Our tummies are full and our faces are smiley. After dinner James’ extended family joins us for dessert, which we do cocktail style.

This week’s links are all about The Game Plan.

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