New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

2015 ocean horizon photo

2015 is here! Right on the horizon. We can almost touch it.

And although the New Year is an arbitrary turning over of our calendar, it has a significance that I love. I love welcoming a fresh start, I love thinking ahead, facing forward.

I’m less into the fuss of New Year’s Eve parties, plans and balls dropping (maybe because staying up until midnight gets harder for me each year!). I’m more into the universal reflection that happens this time of year. The collective excitement and optimism that we all feel in anticipation of another year of life ahead, no matter where we are currently.

And I totes make resolutions. Or wishes. Or a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the year ahead. I rarely come back to them to check up on myself, but I like the ritual.

Some years my inner drill sergeant reports for duty: “Exercise 3-5x per week, read one book per month…”. Some years my bucket list runneth over: “visit Paris, eat alligator in New Orleans, take the Staten Island Ferry…”. Sometimes I go heavy on the self improvement: “Learn to live in the present, reach out to friends by phone more often…”. (PS, none of those things I just rattled off have been fulfilled.)

This year, although there is plenty to continue to work on in my life, wish for and strive for, I feel a singular purpose calling me forward. In 2015, my big task is to have a baby. And then adjust to the changes he brings into our lives, hopefully with some small amount of grace.

I’m not tempted to impose any expectations onto myself or James beyond accepting our new role as parents and adding a third person to our tiny family.

2015 is the year of One Foot in Front of the Other.

What’s ahead for you in 2015?

Loveyoubye, 2014!! Maggie