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We are right on the heels of Thanksgiving, my absolute 100% hands down favorite holiday of the year. This will be our 3rd year hosting in our teensy weensy cozy house – something I really love doing. Sure, I would like to have a Downton Abbey-sized castle with rooms we can ‘move through’ and fireplaces we can plot marriages by.

Instead we all squeeze around our IKEA-via-Craigslist table and I pull out all of our beautiful wedding china and the fancy tabletop items I’ve collected and inherited over the years. We reach and laugh and pass plates and pig out instead. It’s way more fun.

Leading up to the day, the planning and prepping is one of my favorite parts. Each year I try to make things easier and more streamlined without compromising deliciousness.

Last year we switched to a Potluck Thanksgiving which worked really well since our relatives are all avid cooks. James and I make the turkey, mashed potatoes and a few apps, and everyone else brings one side dish (or beer). Our tummies are full and our faces are smiley. After dinner James’ extended family joins us for dessert, which we do cocktail style.

This week’s links are all about The Game Plan.

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Happy Halloween! This is a holiday that I enjoy observing from the sidelines – happily handing out candy to little ones and watching cheesy Halloween movies at home. But however you like to celebrate, happy to ya!

This week’s mischief:

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I’m happy to see Friday this week. Our dishwasher broke during the week and the repairman comes on Monday, so, there’s that to look forward to. But we also have a long list of projects to tackle and finally have an unscheduled Saturday to try and get to as many as possible. Yard-work, housework, side-work, work-work. You know. I have a huge pile of incredible vintage finds to add to the shop (some are creeping in already…). And we have some friends coming on Sunday that we haven’t seen in a long time and who love to eat. It should be a great weekend.

Here are some things that have been filling my mind this week.

Happy Weekend! Loveyoubye! Mags

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Oh, it’s Labor Day. Everyone freaks out (me included) this time of year because it’s the unofficial end of summer and someone once said you can’t wear white for the rest of the year.

I mourn the end of summer in my adult years mostly because of how awesome everyone’s mood is in the summer…even New Yorkers chillthefuckout. It’s the closest we get to a West Coast mentality. But I also get sad because my bathing suit goes back in depths of my closet and I only wore it twice…again. And I didn’t eat nearly enough lobster or hot dogs or funnel cake.

BUT…I also get super pumped for fall times. I used to LOVE Back to School – the first day of school was tits as far as I was concerned, from K through college. Football season is on its way back and chili, roasted squash and pumpkin pie are just around the corner. There’s good stuff ahead.

This weekend though, it’s Summertime Balls to the Wall and I plan on swimming as much as possible, eating as much seafood as I can get my hands on and appreciating every last awesome thing about summer vacation.

Links, y’all:



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This was a busy week for Raised by Design! Our bathroom renovation was featured on Apartment Therapy this week and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve been a long-time fan and reader of AT, so to become a part of their design community is really flattering and an exciting step for Raised by Design.

The post incited a pretty heated discussion about our choice to nix the vintage pink and black tile in favor of a more modern, neutral palette. It’s an interesting issue in design and I’m happy that it’s being discussed. I can’t say it was a hard decision for us in this particular renovation, given the big problems with the old layout and the fact that we needed a highly functional, hard working space to act as our only bathroom in the house for years to come. But I’ve made many much more difficult decisions in past projects when it comes to making ‘The Call’ – is it worth saving or is it time to let go and start anew? 

As a history major, the daughter of a historic preservationist and an avid vintage collector, and a real live citizen with the same aspirations of home ownership as anyone else (stay under budget, protect my investment and above all, love my living space) the debate about when to salvage the old and when to embrace the new is a familiar one.  

I’ve always loved to see a combination of old and new in design, living together happily in the melting pot of progress. That’s what this blog is all about at it’s core – marrying the influence of yesterday’s designs with the trends of today. Raising your Design aesthetic with firm roots and a taste for the modern.  

In this case, the pink tile lives on at Lil’ Spot only in memory, but there are many other nods to the past that we’ve hung onto in our renovations. Most importantly, we’ve preserved the original structure and modest footprint of our kit-built home in a time when people are buying old homes to knock them down and max out their investment. In an area with some of the highest property values in the country, we’ve opted to fit our lives into the existing tiny single level structure now dwarfed by our neighbors’ rebuilt two-story, two-family homes. That’s a choice that I feel good about.

Zip doo-dah. Here are this week’s links!

  • I stumbled across the work of Roberta Neidigh the other day and was completely taken with her series Property Line – I wish I were independently wealthy both in cash and wall space and could own the whole collection.  
  • We opted to find out the gender of our brewing kiddo (a boy!) and this photo series hits all of my nervousness about finding out right on the (Barbie) head. 
  • I’ve finally started working on designing my business cards – probably the first step you’re supposed to take when you start your own business. I’m using Moo, but here is a list of the 5 best places to order your own that I found helpful. 
  • Studying logo design 101 this week, too. I love the logo that I designed for Raised by Design (a lot!), but it doesn’t have the “B” in “RBD” which bugs the crap out of me. Redesigning is harder than you’d think though…
  • So hot right now…colored translucent furniture! 

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a links post. For those of you not following me on Instagram, my excuse for everything from now on is we’re expecting our first baby this February! And I’m completely distracted by the motherly changes that are already happening in me. James and I are excited, to say the least. I’m not sure yet how much of this blog will include things related to Bambino, but I am definitely cooking up nursery designs like a champ and I’m sure I will be sharing that project in the near future. Oh, baby!

Otherwise, here’s where my head’s been this week:



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Wrapping up another week here – I’ve been working on a design for a Hudson River living room and hoping to share some of the details next week. I’ve also been photographing the house to share some of our renovation updates with you (finally). Roxy has been photobombing wherever possible.


  • Let’s just start with this ad which I just can’t get enough of. I think I’ve watched it 50 times already.
  • My Grammy lived in Carmel, CA when I was little and we would always visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium and buy sweatshirts with otters on them, so these guys are important to me.
  • Loving this roundup at Remodelista which includes our good friend Georgia Tribuiani’s business And So It Goes – she and her partner have beautifully remixed classic hand-netted bags with bright colors and leather wrapped handles.
  • I always wonder – if I painted my floors white, would I be more drawn to decorating with lots of bright color?
  • There are some really good things happening in this Kinderhook farmhouse tour.

Happy Weekend. Loveyoubye! Maggie