Fun with Fonts

Have you guys ever visited Font Squirrel? It’s a ‘free font utopia’ and as an admitted font hoarder, it’s a deep rabbit hole for me. I can spend hours in there…and then hours again in Photoshop playing around with layouts, kerning, drop shadows and textures. Font Squirrel is a great resource for designers, all of the fonts are “100% Free for Commercial Use”* which is a giant generous blessing. You can even generate Web Fonts for use in web design.

I want to give these guys a big hug, a chest bump and a cupcake.

Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Click here to download Sofia

Click here to download Sofia



Click here to download Quiggly Wiggly



Click here to download Mathlete



Click here to download Yard Sale



Click here to download Seaside Resort



Click here to download Lobster


Have fun! Loveyoubye!

*Font Squirrel mines the web for font with licenses that allow commercial use and shares them on their site in an easy format to navigate. You should still read the license on each font before you use it to make sure there aren’t any restrictions. For more info, check out their FAQ page. And if you have the means, you should also donate to the designer where possible – it’s not easy to design a beautiful font! 

August Desktop Wallpaper

This month’s free desktop wallpaper is a little salty for no reason other than having inspirational quote fatigue. If you feel me, enjoy it.

RBD desktop wallpaper - inspirational quote


To download as your desktop wallpaper…click on the above image to open in your browser…right click and select “Use Image as Desktop Picture”…voila! Salty inspiration.

Loveyoubye, Mags

June Desktop Wallpaper Freebie

Here’s another free desktop wallpaper, with love from yours truly.

I’m going to start posting these wallpaper freebies on a monthly basis because it’s only fair – if we have to be stuck in front of a computer, we may as well have something fun to look at.

June’s desktop is all about summer – in 3 of my favorite flavors. Are you a beach person? Maybe you like to chill out on a lake in the woods. Or maybe it’s all about hot time summer in the city. Whatever floats your ice cream. This one is inspired by the Fresh Prince’s new definition of Summer Madness.

Feel free to download these files for personal use. To make it your desktop wallpaper, right click on the image and choose “Set Image As Background” or “Use Image as Desktop Picture” from the drop-down menu. If you’re using Google Chrome, go here for instructions. 





Loveyoubye! Maggie


Bangarang! Desktop Freebie

Hey peeps! Yesterday I did something that felt a little scary…I put myself out there. Not just out there, but out there on Facebook. Amongst my peers. That’s a major leap to take when you’re just starting out and I have new respect for everyone that’s done it before. You remember the feeling, right?

On the other side of just doing it, it feels GREAT to start spreading the word about Raised by Design. So in the spirit of taking leaps, here’s a desktop wallpaper freebie I made for you. Just click on the image below, right-click and save as your desktop picture. And be sure to follow RBD on Facebook so we don’t miss a beat!

bangarang! desktop wallpaperLoveyoubye! Maggie