RBD Notepad: Mainstream vs. Upstream

This edition of Mainstream vs. Upstream hits on a couple of trends that I love and use in my own home.

You can’t go wrong with barn lighting; a classic industrial-chic look that I’ve used in my home for years and probably will for years to come. The pendant over my childhood dinner table was a white barn pendant like the one pictured below. They go with every style of decor and are fairly inexpensive. This trend isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re looking for the next-level iteration of metallic pendants try the copper pendant. I prefer Tom Dixon’s rendition with its super sleek shape and high shine finish.

Kilim rugs are flat weave Persian rugs that were traditionally used for prayer but made their way into American households as furnishings in the 1960’s. Today they’re a super popular option in modern eclectic homes and do a great job of softening super modern lines with an edgy, rugged look.

But another traditional rug style is making its way back on the scene: the hooked rug. Originating in colonial New England, rug hooking had its moment in the 1980’s folk art craze (my mom was is a master hooker…don’t tell her I said so). Today’s spin on this country craft uses geometric designs and brings in bright cheerful colors. I’m totally into it.

How does your garden grow? Terrariums are another trusty trend that is definitely staying put. There are tons of options in stores these days so if you’re hankering for a miniature ecosystem for your succulents and baby ferns, you shouldn’t have to hunt too hard.

I’m seeing a lot of macrame planters creeping back into haute homes. The difference between these and your mom’s macrame are the brightly colored fibers being woven in. Gimme some a ‘dat!

Raised by Design - Mainstream vs. Upstream - hooked rugs - copper pendant - macrame planters
Image credits: barn pendants /// copper pendant /// kilim rug /// kaleidoscope hooked rug /// glass terrarium /// macrame planters

Loveyoubye! Mags



  1. Just after you posted this we were at the opening of the Boo Cat Club, a very cool new venue in the Central West End (St. Louis)…and there were the copper lights similar to the ones you featured on this post! Small world! I would love to send a photo somehow.
    They come from Centro Home Furnishings in the CWE…


  2. My mom used to hook rugs for Macadoo Rugs – they did so many of the White House rugs. They are in my backyard, at least they were in my backyard until they closed a few years ago. My mom has made 400 rugs in her life! And she only started hooking in her late 60s(she’s in her late 70s now!)

    I’ve seen your mom’s work – it is indeed gorgeous!

    Love Barn-lighting!


  3. Ha! JP was just saying “can’t we get an American rug, like a hooked rug?” We looked up the company who makes them for the White House. All the rugs there are hooked and gorgeous!! But i didnt like any of the ones they were selling. If you have good sources, lmk

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    1. It’s tough to find hooked rugs that don’t skew too country/floral (although that look will probably come back around soon!). This one here is from Annie Selke’s Dash and Albert line. Follow the link in this post and then search ‘hooked rugs’ for more options.

      Richard Rothstein has some interesting options – some which come close to kilim-like patterns.

      You could also check out the rugs at Pendleton – which are not hooked, but are hand knotted in the USA.

      Good luck! xoxo


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