RBD Concept: Northern Flicker

This Monday I graduated to a new level of Bird Nerd. I met up with a group of local birders (aka Grammas and Grampas) in the wee hours of the morning and walked around in the woods looking for…birds. I added 8 new bird species to my life list (nerd-bomber), missed about 5 others because I don’t know how to use my hand-me-down binoculars (nerd fail), and learned that our neighborhood coyotes are actually coywolves (Twilight boner nerd).

One of the new species I collected for my Bird Nerd trading cards was a Northern Flicker, which are pretty common to our area, but I’d just never seen one. They’re large woodpeckers with amazing spotted plumage (nerd for feathers) and fiery vermilion field marks (nerd for regular marks).

I was so pumped about these birds and how cool they look that I created a design concept based solely on their naturally chic, modern palette. The Northen Flicker concept translates well to an Urban Naturalist’s apartment but could just as easily be spun around to suit a locavore restaurant, design boutique or artisanal bakery concept.

Raised by Design - RBD Concept - Northern Flicker

It turns out that most bird photographers don’t like you to share their work, so I drew my own Flicker and used it in my concept board. Links are listed below.

The Origin and Evolution of Birds by Alan Feduccia /// The Age of Birds by Alan Feduccia /// Grand Canyon Print by Jazzberry Blue /// Brass Sconce /// Pendleton 5th Avenue Throw /// Baxter of California Candle /// Hvidt France & Son Sofa /// Michael Ahram Feather Sculpture /// Hudson Coffee Table /// White Ceramic Box /// 3-piece vase set /// Gray Rug /// Abstract Print /// Philippe Starck Chair /// Leather Ottoman /// Metal Planters /// Spotted Cowhide /// Firewood Storage

*For my fellow Bird Nerds: I also spotted a Common Nighthawk (!), Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Eastern Phoebe, Belted Kingfisher, White-Eyed Vireo, Black and White Warbler and Northern Parula. Not bad for my first time out! I highly recommend finding your local Audobon Society and joining up for one of their weekly walks. Birders are the nicest breed of humans I’ve encountered and you’ll see way more than at your backyard feeder.


Maggie The Bird-Nerdiest


  1. I knew it was your sketch the second I saw it! Love love love what you did with the inspiration. Love you too.


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