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Oh, it’s Labor Day. Everyone freaks out (me included) this time of year because it’s the unofficial end of summer and someone once said you can’t wear white for the rest of the year.

I mourn the end of summer in my adult years mostly because of how awesome everyone’s mood is in the summer…even New Yorkers chillthefuckout. It’s the closest we get to a West Coast mentality. But I also get sad because my bathing suit goes back in depths of my closet and I only wore it twice…again. And I didn’t eat nearly enough lobster or hot dogs or funnel cake.

BUT…I also get super pumped for fall times. I used to LOVE Back to School – the first day of school was tits as far as I was concerned, from K through college. Football season is on its way back and chili, roasted squash and pumpkin pie are just around the corner. There’s good stuff ahead.

This weekend though, it’s Summertime Balls to the Wall and I plan on swimming as much as possible, eating as much seafood as I can get my hands on and appreciating every last awesome thing about summer vacation.

Links, y’all:




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