Sunset Cocktails

What are you guys up to this weekend? Obviously, I have some yard work to do. I’m also in a cleaning out mood lately, and when those strike you have to take advantage. So I’m thinking I’ll tackle my closet and maaaaybe the mother-load-of-junk in the basement. Here are some doings from this week:

  • With her powerhouse swing, powerful self-image attitude and cute victory dance, I’m totes on Team Taylor! (plus, she’s a Chicagoan!)
  • I’m happy to see this post about orange. I like orange. I like SF Girl by Bay.
  • I’m a big (creepy) fan of Chef Dan Barber. Stone Barns is our neighbor just up the road and his signed menu from my birthday dinner at Blue Hill a few years back (which was tremendous, as promised) is hanging in my teensy kitchen. I will definitely be adding his new book to my summer reading list. Cuz I’m all on his nuts like the rest of the foodie bandwagon.
  • Did you guys see Google’s message to grads? It made me misty. I’m an easy target, but I miss school days. #earlyonsetmidlifecrisis
  • This apartment tour in DC reminds me of how badly I want to trade in my (Craigslisted) IKEA Bjursta table for the Eero Saarinen tulip table I’ve been eyeing for years, which would also mean trading in our big holiday dinners for cocktail parties…but is that such a bad trade? I don’t have 2 G’s lying around right now so I can think about it…
  • Also, the very serious science of shaking your booty.

Happy Weekend! Loveyoubye! Mags

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