Friday Links

raised by design links 5.16.14

This week I didn’t get much up on the blog. Sorry, not sorry. I’ve been working on a lot of backend stuff this week, including tweaks to my logo/header/likeness as I get ready to open up my Etsy shop (finally). I also blew off a whole day to stalk POTUS as his 5-chopper entourage landed at the former GM plant in my town. I had helicopter envy.

POTUS in Tarrytown

image credit: my pal Katie who woke up her sleeping baby to walk down to this industrial wasteland like a couple of crazies and witness this with me – I love her.

Anyway, I promise lots of design posts / DIY projects and real blogging next week. In the meantime, here’s where my head has been this week:

Field Museum, Chicago, IL – photographer unknown

Happy weekend! xo Loveyoubye!

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