In Like With: Watermelon Red

These days I can’t get enough of this poppy red color! It’s kicky. It’s everywhere. It’s watermelon. I’m drunk in like with it.

Raised by Design IN LIKE WITH: Watermelon

  1. Someone’s nuts would look good in these Color Glazed Prep Bowls in Cranberry from West Elm. $5
  2. Hip-anema Nail Color by Essie is tall and tan and young and lovely. $8.50
  3. Red Chinoiserie Bookends at Chairish that say, “I only read when I’m not busy cocktailing, which is never.” $165
  4. This vintage Dooney & Burke Trooper shoulder bag from Belmodo is totes Melanie Griffith circa Working Girl. $165
  5. Sometimes combining multiple trends works so well it stings, like with this punchy tribal Selva Rug from Moorea Seal. $240 
  6. Wearing this Juicy Watermelon Watch from Cakes With Faces would make me feel like Brandon Walsh and Kelly Taylor are going steady again, like in the good old days. $48.70
  7. Yes to all of this rock/candy/diamond/mountain stuff happening in Pop Limited Edition Print by Tyler Healy. $80
  8. You don’t even need to suffer through drinking Campari to pretend you’re cool with these Vintage Ombre Tumblers from Plank and Pearl. $32.14
  9. Don’t you kind of need this Watermelon Shower Curtain from Serena & Lily for your bathroom even though you’re all growns up? Me too. $68

Get yourself some! Loveyoubye, Maggie


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