‘Break Your Own’ Geode Shelf Decor

DIY geode bookshelf decor


It’s Earth Day! I swear this blog isn’t just about my excitement over holidays. But I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like science and when you like science Earth Day is important! It just so happens I’d planned this post about how to ‘Break Your Own’ geode decor accents.

Geodes are all the rage. I’ll spare you the science because you came here for design, but just know that these minerals are essentially gassy rocks. They have bad gas. But they’re beautiful because of it so we forgive them.  Here are some hot sexy pink geodes posing as bookends. (via Lonny)



I have hot pink geode envy now. These guys are like, “I’ll see your amazing hot pink Agate Bookends and raise you an adorable on-trend air plant. BITCH.” (via Earth Sea Warrior)


Earth Sea Warrior

Then we have this gaggle of teenage millionaire geodes. Huge, fantastic and untouchable. (via The Little House Blog originally from Jonathan Adler)


Jonathan Adler

Geodes are everywhere these days, finding work as coasters, lamp finials, candle holderswallpaper…you name it. They’re the whores of decor right now (more over, Mr. Owl!). They have no shame. I had an empty spot on the bookshelves in my office and needed something interesting and pretty to balance all of my doopy-doo storage boxes and reference books. I’m sayin’, when in doubt – PUT A GEODE ON IT!


To get a little geode decor in your life you can expect to drop anywhere from $30 to $5,000. This geode with white druzy from ABC Carpet and Home is pretty perfect and surprisingly reasonable at $45. But I thought a $4 break your own geode sounded like an, “In-Ya-Face!” so I went for it. I could air out my angst towards teenage millionaires and save money doing it. Sounds satisfying, right? I highly recommend it. Here’s the breakdown:

DIY break your own geode supplies

All you need is a flathead screwdriver, hammer and safety goggles.

DIY break your own geode shelf decor

Use your screwdriver to score a line where you’d like the break to occur, tapping with the hammer all the way around.

DIY Geode Shelf Decor - score to break

You can also use the claw of the hammer to directly hit the geode if you feel you’re not making enough progress – just know that you might chew up your hammer a little bit this way. Hmpf.

DIY Break Your Own Geode Shelf Decor

Call in the big guns because you’re sure you’re doing something wrong.

DIY Break Your Own Geode Shelf Decor

I loosened it for you. A crack!!

DIY Break Your Own Geode Shelf Decor

Is there a baby dinosaur in here?

DIY Break Your Own Geode Shelf Decor

Nope, just beautiful white druzy science-y perfection.

Proudly bring your new babies inside and get to work styling! It’s easy to find a home for these guys because they play so well with others.

Break Your Own Geode Bookshelf Styling


Break Your Own Geode Closeup Shelf Decor

Now I’m just trying to decide whether to seal the deal and paint the outside gold. Too much? We’ll see.

Loveyoubye, Maggie

Image credits: RaisedByDesign and Mo Lyons of OhhhhMo

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