Friday Links


Following up on last week’s links…

  • The Pangolin gets a bailout by viewers like you.
  • Homemade spicy black bean burgers were a smash hit! This week I’m about $5 richer and a wee bit healthier! I used this recipe but added a few chipotle peppers – also, we eat ours taco-style with avocado, cheese and hot sauce.

Moving on to this week’s doings…

  • Today’s Google Doodle marks Percy Julian’s 115th birthday. The doodle is AWESOME, plus, my Junior High in Oak Park, IL was named after him. In his honor, I’m going to watch this over the weekend and reminisce about awkward theater performances, Stone Temple Pilots and being grounded for life.
  • YES! Late Night TV is getting awesomer and now I have to practice staying up late.
  • I just discovered Skillshare this week and already have 10 classes on my wish list. The internets are an amazing tool.
  • Birds made out of food, everyone.
  • Also, The Masters Tournament is on. I don’t watch/play/understand golf, but I do know a good excuse to make PIMENTO CHEESE when I see one! Hip hip!

…Cheerio! Loveyoubye, Maggie

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