Friday Links


Last time I posted links from around the web I called the post “Let’s Link Up”.  All went well, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something kinda creepy slash dumb about the phrase I’d chosen on a whim. So I did some poking around (doubling down on the creepy phrases) and decided to switch things up. I don’t need to go into detail because Urban Dictionary can do it for you – a handy little NSFW resource that’s also useful for translating Kendrick Lamar songs.

So…Friday Links.

  • Wes Anderson Fever 
  • The poor Pangolin – maybe Randall and Honey Badger can help save these little guys!
  • Speaking of Kendrick Lamar…he teamed up w/ Alicia Keys and Pharrell for this song from ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and I totes dig it.
  • Working on a stationery project this week and thinking about fonts fonts and fonts.
  • How Well Do You Know 90’s R&B Lyrics?  For me? Surprisingly not well enough to continue to sing them in public.
  • What’s the Problem with Pink Anyway? I’m pumped that we are talking about this since my Star Wars Legos made an awesome house for my My Little Ponies when I was little.
  • We’ve been eating (store bought frozen) black bean veggie burgers for lunch all week. Don’t judge. We roll them up in corn tortillas with avocado and sriracha for some lean protein + satch fats + antioxidants. But I realized there are a ton of nasty preservatives, salt and fake shit in them so I want to try and make my own now. Maybe this recipe is a good start?
  • Did you say Sriracha? And peanut butter? 
  • Oh, also…my Mom called me out on an ITS vs. IT’S typo this week (special non-existent prize if you noticed it too). So I will be visiting this site more frequently and practicing the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ rule with my posts. Cuz we don’t want no typos up in herr.

Have a smashing weekend! Loveyoubye, Maggie


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