Begin Anywhere.

Oh heyyyyy. Well I guess you’re seeing a pattern here. It’s been over ONE YEAR since I posted something…and that was FOUR YEARS since I’d registered this URL. So, essentially, I have zero followthrough and am in the hole like $500 before even starting my blog empire. But at least I’m aware of it. 10 points for Gryffindor.

I’m going to try an exercise I made up on my way home tonight. No, my therapist didn’t suggest it…but that’s only because I haven’t gotten around to having a therapist. I’m sure if I had one she would have told me to do this.


  1. Normal life is so much easier to carry on with than giant scary bucket list items.
  2. I secretly really want to be a blogger slash designer for a living instead of doing what pays my bills (psh), so naturally I’m procrastinating like a champ.
  3. I’m easily distracted by true crime TV shows. 
  4. I lack that “voice” thing they say writers are supposed to have. It’s supposed to be clear, which is a word that describes nothing in my life. I need to drink more water.
  5. I need to drink more water. And exercise. And do a detox because what if I’m allergic to gluten and dairy. And travel the world. And read loads of books. And see all the latest thought provoking movies. And be up on politics. And lean in. And have a bombastic social life with lots of cheese boards and artisanal whiskey.
  6. The people out there that are going to think I’m a total douche, who my sister says to just put away in a little box. You…get in that fucking box I just made for you. And stay there.
  7. Speaking of “voice”…mine has lots of cursing in it. It runs in the family. But cursing isn’t really something that massively famous (classy) designers do in the public eye, is it?
  8. What if I just want to post about whatever I want instead of writing to my audience?
  9. I haven’t written a business plan.
  10. I haven’t populated my empty Etsy shop with the HUGE pile of hoarded vintage goods I own.
  11. About me. Is the worst.
  12. I can’t take advice, I can only dish it. I’m so good at telling other people what to do somebody should pay me for it.
  13. Bandwagons.
  14. My self sufficient cat is so high maintenance.
  15. Instagram is so instant.
  16. I don’t take enough real pics and barely know how to use the super ‘spensive SLR we bought as our wedding present to each other.
  17. I don’t have a proper place to work…ie. a desk with a chair…in a super cute, organized, chic, magazine worthy home office complete with an inspiration board and curated book shelves with vintage objet d’art. Everyone else has that right?
  18. My mom is a super talented blogger and I’m still a piss and vinegar filled 13 year old at heart and probably defying her motherly wisdom to. this. day. take. that.
  19. Did I mention how addictive marathons of The First 48 and Snapped are? Ugh. So good.
  20. Time for dinner…

Whaddya think?

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